ABC Named Official Partner for 2024 NAIDOC Week

The National NAIDOC Committee and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation are delighted to announce the ABC will once again be the home of National NAIDOC Week celebrations as the Official Broadcast and Education Partner.

National NAIDOC Week 2024 will be held across the country from July 7-14, with the theme this year of Keep the Fire Burning! Blak, Loud & Proud.

As the official Broadcast partner, the ABC will telecast the First Nations night of nights, the NAIDOC Awards live from Tarndanya (Adelaide) on Kaurna Yerta from 7.30pm (AEST) on Saturday July 6. The awards will be hosted by Total Control star Rob Collins, 10 News First presenter Narelda Jacobs, and comedian Steph Tisdell.  MTV and ARIA award-winning musician Jess Mauboy will headline the night’s entertainment.

The NAIDOC Awards recognise outstanding contributions made by Indigenous Australians to improve the lives of Indigenous people, promote Indigenous issues in the wider community and recognise First Nations excellence. The ceremony will also be streamed on ABC iview and simulcast on NITV.

Led by ABC Indigenous, the ABC will celebrate NAIDOC Week with special coverage across all platforms.

Aunty Lynette (Dr) Riley, Co-Chair, of the National NAIDOC Committee said: “For half a century, NAIDOC Week has been an opportunity to celebrate our achievements and stories in public forums and educate the wider community about the rich and diverse cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We look forward to teaming up with the ABC once again to provide all Australians with access to an array of entertaining and thought-provoking media content and education materials.”

Steven Satour, Co-Chair of the National NAIDOC Committee said: “National NAIDOC Week 2024 promises to be bigger and better than ever. This year’s theme will spark a celebration of the unyielding strength of our communities and create a platform to amplify our voices. That is why we are thrilled that the ABC is on board once again to deliver the NAIDOC Awards Ceremony and an exciting campaign of NAIDOC content into people’s homes across Australia.”

ABC Managing Director David Anderson said the ABC is honoured to return as the official partner of national NAIDOC celebrations in 2024.

“NAIDOC Week is a time of excitement, recognition and learning and a tremendous opportunity for all Australians to come together to celebrate and reflect on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history, culture and achievements,’’ he said.

“As the Official Broadcast and Education partner, we’re excited to work with the National NAIDOC committee to play a part in bringing important and inspiring Indigenous stories to audiences right around the country.”

In addition to the NAIDOC themed resource, teachers will have access to the range of resources from ABC Kids Listen, Behind the News and the education collection on ABC iview.

ABC’s Head of Indigenous, Kelrick Martin, said: “NAIDOC represents the very best of First Nations achievement, honoured by our own communities. We’re proud to be able to share the joy and glamour of the 2024 National NAIDOC Awards with all Australians live on ABC TV and provide schools and students with important resources to engage more deeply with these incredible stories of success.”

The ABC will release its full NAIDOC Week content schedule in coming weeks.


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For those who prefer to take their time with a crime podcast, here’s five to keep you thinking over Winter ….. These podcasts will transport you into the heart of intriguing crime narratives, and whether you’re a true crime enthusiast or just love thrilling storytelling, this curated playlist has you covered!

 1. Crime Insiders

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 2. Secrets We Keep: Nest of Traitors

Three years ago, journalist Joey Watson was pulled into the ultimate spy mystery: during the Cold War, the Australian spy agency ASIO was infiltrated by a Soviet mole. This is a journey into the heart of the deception, where the lines between friend and foe blur. With Russian moles, stolen documents, double agents, and missing files, this podcast takes listeners on a deep dive into the world of spies. LISTEN HERE

3. Gripped: Second Son

This six-part immersive gangland crime audio fiction series follows the compelling story of Jamil, the reluctant leader of a Sydney crime family who is under pressure to seek revenge for his brother’s murder. Beware, each episode ends with a cliffhanger! LISTEN HERE

 4. Disgraceland

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5. Murder In Apartment 12

In an all-new original podcast series from Dateline and Keith Morrison, a young beauty queen with a promising future was found murdered in her own apartment, just before her 20th birthday. The investigation quickly points to her boyfriend, Kevin, who discovered her body. His bloody palm print at the crime scene seems to seal his fate, but is it really that simple? LISTEN HERE

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1. Death in Ice Valley

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2. Ghost Story

Ever annoyed your in-laws? How about investigating if one of them was a murderer? Host and journalist Tristan Redman looks into the past of his wife’s family and discovers a strange connection to the ghost that haunted his teenage bedroom. With interviews from family members, Tristan asks questions no-one wants answered in this thrilling six-part podcast. LISTEN HERE

3. Wolves Among Us

Larry Lavin got into one of the most prestigious schools in the United States, but he wasn’t the son of a CEO or politician. To pay his way through dentistry school, Larry starts dealing pot. Soon, he’s running one of the largest cocaine rings on the East Coast of America. How’s that for a gateway drug? You can hear from Larry himself as he tells host Stephen Seidel how he became one of the top fugitives on the FBI’s most wanted list. LISTEN HERE

4. Fairy Meadow

Cheryl Grimmer was kidnapped from a New South Wales beach in 1970, and even today her family have never given up on finding her. Despite a coronial inquest in 2011 that declared Cheryl dead, there is still no answer to what happened. A $1 million reward for information about her disappearance still stands. LISTEN HERE

5. Fake Heiress

You’ve heard of ‘fake it til you make it’, but when do you give up the act? For Anna Delvey, it wasn’t until she landed herself in prison for fraud. This two-episode podcast series is a perfect quick fix of the deceit and scams perpetrated by a young woman in the world of New York’s elite circles. LISTEN HERE

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Does your community radio station need to register as a charity?

Australia’s charities regulator – the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission – has urged the not-for-profit sector to be aware of changes to the way some organisations assess themselves as exempt from paying income tax.

The changes are focussed on over 150,000 organisations that are non-charitable not-for-profits, that self-assess as being exempt from income tax.

If an organisation is a not-for-profit, but has what are known as ‘charitable purposes’, it may meet the eligibility requirements to register as a charity and can no longer self-assess as being exempt from income tax.

These organisations will need to apply for charity registration with the ACNC and be endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) to remain eligible for income-tax exemption.

If an organisation is a not-for-profit, has an active Australian Business Number (ABN), but does not have ‘charitable purposes’, it will need to lodge an annual NFP self-review return with the ATO in order to self-assess as eligible for income tax exemption each year.

The first NFP self-review return that these ‘non charitable not-for-profits’ will need to lodge covers the 2023-24 income year.

Both the ACNC and ATO have urged not-for-profits that might be affected by this change to act now to prepare for their first lodgement.

The ACNC has urged not-for-profits to learn more, clarify what they need to do, and see if they need to register as charities by reading guidance on both the ACNC and ATO websites.

ATO guidance is available at: and

ACNC guidance is available at:

Again, the changes to self-assessment are focussed on non-charitable not-for-profit organisations.

There is no change for organisations already registered as charities with the ACNC.

Organisations that are not registered charities but have deductible gift recipient (DGR) status may need to take action, and should refer to the ACNC and ATO guidance for more information.

If you have more questions about this issue please get in touch with the CBAA team at or on our Online Community.

National Volunteer Week 2024 – Most Valuable Volunteer Nominee, Orietta Wheatley

This past month we had stations nominate their Most Valuable Volunteers (MVV) as part of our celebrations for National Volunteer Week. The winner of the competition was Orietta Wheatley, who has volunteered at 3ZZZ for 30 years. Orietta has won tickets to the 2024 CBAA Conference.

Orietta was teaching in Ballarat when she felt she was losing her connection to her Mauritian community. In a serendipitous moment at a teacher’s conference, she learnt about a Mauritian radio program being established in Melbourne. That marked the beginning of Orietta’s volunteering journey with 3ZZZ , which started as answering phones during 3ZZZ’s radiothons to becoming a broadcaster. Reflecting on her first time on the air she remembered saying to her convener, “Why don’t you put me on? I’ve been training for this so give me a go!”

During her early years on the air, Orietta found herself in unique circumstances, “the person on the panel was not always Mauritian, which was an interesting challenge because I was broadcasting in French but none of them understood what I was talking about!” However, this was helpful for her when she became the first female broadcast trainer at 3ZZZ, as it helped her teach people whose native language was not English.

Currently she is still a broadcast trainer and presenter on the Mauritian program. In addition to these roles, she is also the pioneer of the program Women’s World, which celebrated its 17th anniversary last year. This program holds a special place for Orietta, as she is passionate about empowering other people, in particular women, through teaching them broadcasting skills.

“I love being able to train women because in some communities they’re not always given much of an opportunity,” Orietta said. “I wasn’t allowed to do the panel until Women’s World came along and all the women doing Women’s World decided we would know how to panel.”

Ultimately, Orietta loves that volunteering in community radio has helped her reconnect with her Mauritian community. Orietta said that with radio broadcasting “you know who you’re talking to. It could be your own grandmother,” she added laughing. “In community radio there is a strong link with heritage that cannot be found in any other area of volunteering.”

Stay tuned to read about other valuable volunteers in the community broadcasting world!