Martine Paterson of FM97.3 Nominated as Lake Macquarie Citizen of The Year 2019

Martine is a local radio personality who is being recognized for her significant contribution as advocate for our community on radio shows: “Lake Mac Life” & “The Saturday Sports Edition” with feature “Polly Waffle”.

Since Feb 2017 Martine has produced and presented both Lake Mac Life Show as well as The Saturday Sports Edition on a weekly basis with local community radio station Lake Macquarie FM.

Whilst most programs consist of a great line up of music within a theme, Martine fashioned her 2 shows to be interactive within the community,
making her stand out from her colleagues.

Each weekly show runs for 3 hours with at least 3 community groups being interviewed alongside weekly contributors. She then spends many hours weekly scheduling in various community / sporting groups &
individuals to interview on the shows, as well as promote their services/ events.

Martine is also active in attending these groups/ services events, volunteering time to MC as well as hand out awards etc and speak to

Martine demonstrates leadership with a voice, where she is not afraid to discuss sensitive topics and approach difficult issues, always looking for solutions to assist the community. Martine is tireless in attending local events and community groups to lend support and assist in promoting their causes.

As well as being an excellent interviewer, Martine is compassionate and passionate about many causes. Martine was happy to be signed up for raising $5000 in the Big Freeze Newcastle and sliding into ice water to raise much needed money and awareness for MND following interviews with those affected by MND.

This local cause has now raised a quarter of a million dollars and celebrity status. Martine is a strong advocate of homelessness and its associate issues of mental illness and domestic violence. She raised $1000 for Sleep Out for Soul, sleeping rough in a local car park and broadcasting live into the night whilst interviewing participants, and learning more about their stories and plights.

Martine is currently actively raising $5000 for 5 local groups in the area identifying the following recipients thus far: ARAFMI ( Carers of Mental Illness), Southlakes Market Place (community support), Cystic Fibrosis Research at JHH.  The other 2 local groups will be announced very soon.

Polly Waffle is the first local show on local community radio providing a platform for all politicians and community leaders to engage with the community. In this, Martine has been able to bring issues in the community to the forefront of residents and promote action. Further, this is also an opportunity to for politicians and community leaders to communicate to the community is a safe forum to listeners who would otherwise may not be
interested. It also provides a humanistic side to community leaders by involving their music favourites.

Martine has been approached to interview high profile Australians such as Rosie Batty, domestic violence advocate and Australian of the Year; Manuel Whitford CEO of Friends with Dignity and Australian Charity of the
Year, to discuss issues in our community such as homelessness, domestic violence and promote local services, encouraging the community to be educated and come together to assist.

Further, Martine has raised the profile of the only community radio station in Lake Macquarie by bringing in a range of sponsors (local businesses) as well as increased listenership given the nature of her Shows and
community presence. The local tune-in population could be as large as half a million- with many more streaming the shows across the world as well as accessing the interviews on You Tube.

Martine has also promoted local artists whether they be musicians, performers, bands, actors, writers/ authors, poets, as well as building engagement in these arts and attendance at events. She invites them in to showcase their talent, assisting them increase confidence and staging.

Also, Martine has promoted local sporting talents, young and old such as golfers, futsal players, roller darby skaters, rugby league payers, cricketers, encouraging involvement in sport and community. Martine has also
involved local schools and school children in promoting achievements as well as fundraisers…

Further to these 2 weekly radio shows, Martine promotes the community again through Social Media bring groups to a larger community that would otherwise not be aware of their presence. This has not only promoted
many groups but also enabled those requiring their services connect with them.

Martine is a strong advocate of volunteering and promotes these opportunities as a way of refreshing skills, learning new skills so as to progress into paid employment. Martine promotes new start ups in the area, liaising with local services supporting local business.

Through FM97.3, Martine allows sponsorship of her shows, events as well as segments to promote local businesses at affordable rates. Martine encourages parochialism and using local business and services to
strengthen our district.

When not interviewing on her 2 shows, Martine continues to work in the local community as a Vocational Psychologist. Martine has worked in this area for over 20 years, assisting those injured or following sickness/
disability transition back into the workforce. Martine specialises in the military with returned service men and women and is inspired by their amazing stories. She enjoys working with those who has been injured regain their lives, particularly in a return to meaningful work.

Martine and her husband have 5 children ranging from 3 years old to 18 years old and are dedicated to ensuring this region is the best possible for their kiddies to grow up in. Martine loves the beach with her kiddies, gardening, cooking and watching her kiddies enjoy our amazing area.


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